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Booking Cancellation

How to cancel minicab booking?

Passengers and travellers can easily cancel their reservation with Minicab Alperton. To cancel a booking before or after the vehicle is dispatched, you must follow the methods below.

How to cancel a minicab booking before the vehicle is dispatched?

To cancel your minicab for the journey, follow the methods below

How to cancel a minicab booking after the bagel is dispatched for your journey?

You can follow the steps given below to cancel your ride with Minicab Alperton after the vehicle is dispatched to pick you up:

Am I charged for cancelling my ride?

No, cancellation charges will not be incurred on you. Minicab Alperton provide100% money back guarantee for its customers. You may contact our operators or representatives if you were charged regarding cancellation of ride.

Can I cancel the ride when the driver is at the pick up location?

If you intend to cancel your reservation for Minicab Alperton when the driver has arrived at the pickup location, then charges will be incurred. This will compensate for the time spent and distance covered by the driver to reach the pickup location seated we suggest all our passengers to cancel the booking before the vehicle is dispatched.

Is my data protected?

According to our privacy policy which is in accordance with GDPR your information remains confidential. Your data will be protected and not revealed do any third party.

Need to book a Minicab in Alperton?

Don’t worry, Minicab Alperton is always here to provide you with fast, reliable and the best quality Alperton Minicabs 24/7.

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