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Privacy Policy

This page comprises of the privacy policy of Alperton Minicabs. It intends to highlight the kind of information collect it from you and how it is utilised process bookings. Also, the prerogative of customer over this information.

Pictures, images and photos:

You will find pictures in various sections of our website. These images have been important through various channels. Some of the images are purchased from stock photography websites. Whereas, others are downloaded from various search engines. The images that are saved from search engines comprise of source link. This is done to provide credit to the various contributors of pictures. However, if you think that they have used your image so you can directly contact us for its removal from the website. Moreover, we will permanently delete it from our database so that it isn’t used in future.

Content that we write

Our content is 100% unique and comprehendible. We use the tools of copywriting, content writing, paraphrasing and developing new ideas and concepts to present an incredible content to you.


When you visit a website via Internet, cookies play an integral role in provision of information. Basically, cookies are little pieces of information and intricate details stored by your mobile, tablet or computer. Cookies are used on our website so that the information is provided to you through a proper channel. Although you can easily turn off the cookies, but we suggest that enable them so that you get acquainted with our website and its information.

Types of cookies that we use:

1) Essential cookies:

Essential cookies are termed as necessary for the functioning of the website. This is because for various services such as life chat page or customer support services require essential cookies to function. These cookies assist you in accessing the website quickly and efficiently.

2) Analytic cookies:

These cookies collect intricate details or information about the users of the website. The purpose of and let it cookies is to keep an eye on what users or passengers look for in a website. It intends to see what kind of services are selected or blogs being read etc. These cookies are used to improve the functionality and the services of website. Analytic cookies will never store the identification of a visitor.

3) Functionality cookies:

On our website, the functionality cookies play a major role in remembering the major choices made by the visitors. This saves time and remembers the information for the visitor. These comprise of the login credentials, preferences, font size, language, size of text etc. Your activity and browsing data will never be revealed to functionality cookies. It cannot track your activity on other websites.

4) Traffic and demographic cookies:

One of the most significant cookies is the traffic in demographic cookies. It assists in evaluating the record of traffic on the website. The login by servers are used to collect this kind of information via gadgets, browser name, IP addresses, date and time and Internet Protocol. The information remains confidential and will not be revealed to anyone.

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